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Over 20 years in business experiencing and selling quality equipment. Provide Service and Consultation to all type of Industries including Bio-Pharm, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Foods and Drinks, Water & Waste Water, Power Utilities, Air Handling Measurements, and others through all Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Dedicated to customers with training on products and commissioning by factory trained technicians and our professional engineers.


We sales products with customer’s satisfaction and support of all our principals’ products lines. We share with them our knowledge of installation, the correct application use, and the required maintenance. Most of our customers are satisfied with the quality of the products and the lifetime period of use in their processes.


Expertise for Liquids, Gases, and Dry Products Measurement and Analyzers, on parameters like: Flow, Level, Temperature, Pressure, Vacuum, PH, Conductivity, DO,ORP, TOC, SC, Humidity, and Safety Valves, Rupture Discs, Gas Detection, Calibration Equipment, Data Loggers, Specialty Valves, Centrifugal + Submersible Pumps & Systems, Air operated pumps, Metering and Peristaltic pumps, Chlorine Control, Electrical Test Instruments and portable analyzers.


EEE is a distributor and manufacturer’s representative of leading technical products and solutions that help our customers improve efficiency and quality, and save money. We specialize in solutions for filtration, instrumentation, valves, safety, and other piping related products. We consider our customers to be our partners and we are committed to being fair, ethical, and honest... every time.


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